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Retreat with Hope — Fully-Structured

17 Aug 2024


18 Aug 2024

Aug 24

Couples: Marital Communications

Our comprehensive program is designed to help couples and caregivers enhance their communication skills, thereby strengthening their relationships. Part 1 focuses on effective communication within marriage through interactive sessions, enhancing understanding and connection. Part 2 addresses conflict resolution, providing strategies for resolving disputes and fostering cooperation, with practical tools and interactive practice for a more harmonious partnership.

Adults: Stress Management

Combat life stressors using the 5R stress buster strategy, to live well!

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise life stressors

  • Reframe negative emotions to gain new perspectives

  • Recharge to build stamina and momentum to combat stressors

  • Reach out, show gratitude and bring hope to others

  • Develop resilience to live well

Youth: Preventure

PreVenture is an evidence-based prevention programme that uses  personality-focused workshops to promote mental health and delay substance use among youth. As a strengths-based programme, PreVenture aims to transfer adaptive coping skills.

Certified Facilitators guide youth in thoughtful discussions about the challenges they are facing and assist them in exploring the unique features of their personalities.

As youth learn more about themselves, they are encouraged to set long-term goals and are taught techniques to help them channel their personalities towards achieving their goals. They complete the programme equipped with tools to make positive, healthy choices to help them thrive.

Children: Bricks Club

The Brick-by-Brick® programme (or Brick Club as the children call it) help young persons grow their social skills through positive, meaningful social experiences.

Our trained facilitators will guide your child through the Brick-by-Brick® programme to collaborate, communicate, problem-solve and share fun experiences with others in a safe, comfortable environment playing with LEGO®. Through Brick Club, your child can learn to build positive friendships, cultivate their self-esteem and confidence and find a sense of belonging.

Play forms a great part of the foundation in children’s development physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Through playing with LEGO® in a group, children nurture their cognitive skills with creative thinking, engage in social skills like taking turns, teamwork and resolving conflicts, and learn to express their emotions.

If you are a beneficiary of any Social Service Agency and would like to join the retreat, please speak to your Social Worker/Case Manager to register. Thank you!

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