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The social services have been at the forefront of the pandemic in providing services to those who are disadvantaged. We acknowledge and affirm the courage of our social service professionals in persevering through this pandemic. With COVID restrictions easing, Kampung Siglap (KS) is seeking to now provide a space to retreat, reconnect and reignite the sector with a new programme. 


‘Tenang’ (calm, serene, undisturbed) is a programme designed for social service professionals to build resiliency and awareness of burnout during structured sessions, and also practice the very methods taught by professionals experienced in the field of caregiving and stress through experiential learning. 


With KS as the backdrop of the programme, guests get to be recharged through up to 3 self-explorative activities during their stay. 


This programme is open and fully funded for:

  1. Both client and non-client facing employees from NCSS member agencies and MSF-funded agencies; and

  2. Who have been in the social service sector for at least a year at the point of the programme.

*Endorsement is required from the organisation’s Executive Director/CEO during registration.

We invite you to take a well-deserved break.

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The room allocated to you as a participant of “Tenang” may be a shared room with other participants.

Our Rooms

Our rooms at Kampung Siglap offer simple comfort. As you start on your journey towards rest and recovery, we hope that this space can be a place of quiet refuge for you.


Room Features: 

•5 Single Beds (Dorm Style Room)*

•Air-Conditioning and Fan

•Complimentary Hot Drink Sachets


•Wi-Fi Connectivity 

•Welcome Basket (contains activity guide and complimentary snacks from KS Café) 

*Please note that ‘Tenang’ participants will be allocated to a shared room with up to 4 other participants by default. Participants may write in to ks@newhopecs.org.sg to request for a single or twin sharing room, subject to availability. 

About our Amenities



To enrich participants' experience, KS is partnering with CALM International and Caregivers Alliance, experts in the field of caregiving and stress, to conduct facilitated sessions for all participants. Participants will get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about stress and burnout, and master self-care techniques that will in turn equip them to serve their clients better. Participants can also sign up for free life coaching sessions by Emerge Performance. At the end of the programme, we hope that participants will leave with a renewed hope and passion for the work that awaits them.

Day 1:

An Introduction to Mental Health & Wellness by CAL

Day 2:

Awareness of Burnout by Dr. Stephen-Claude Hyatt

Day 3:

Self Care for Mental Well-being by CAL 

Get to know our partners:


Dr. Stephen-Claude Hyatt

(Clinical Health Psychologist & Traumatologist)


*Life Coaches information and available sessions will be confirmed along with the activity menu after registration.


Self-Discovery Menu

After kickstarting each day with a structured session, the rest of the day is entirely up to you to decide how you wish to spend your time. Feel free to sign up for an activity from our self-discovery menu or spend the time on your own. This time is for you to unwind, reconnect with yourself and develop new hobbies if you would like! Tune in to your needs!


Every participant gets to select up to 3 activities from our self-discovery menu.

* Participants can sign up for these activities upon confirmation of their registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

The self-discovery activities are not limited to the options listed below, look out for more exciting activities in the menu when you sign up!

Activity Menu A

Activity Menu A is only available on the following dates:

  • 24-26 August

  • 28-30 Sept

  • 23-25 Nov

Session 1

Options available:

  1. Yoga [8pm-9pm]

  2. Self-directed Activities

Session 2

Options available:

  1. Zumba [3pm-4pm]

  2. Art Jamming (Tote Bag) [3pm-4.30pm]

  3. Self-directed Activities

Session 3

Options available:

  1. Terrarium [7pm-9pm]

  2. Self-directed Activities

Session 4

Options available:

  1. Self-directed Activities

Activity Menu B

Activity Menu B is only available on the following dates:

  • 13-15 July

  • 26-28 Oct

Session 1

Options available:

  1. Pilates [8pm-9pm]

  2. Self-directed Activities

Session 2

Options available:

  1. Jumping [3pm-4pm]

  2. Leather Making [2pm-3.30pm]

  3. Self-directed Activities

Session 3

Options available:

  1. Candle Making [8pm-9.30pm]

  2. Self-directed Activities

Session 4

Options available:

  1. Self-directed Activities

Self-directed Activities are available at all times in Training Room Level 2, participants can feel free to try out any of the activities if they do not wish to go for a facilitated session. 

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Tenang Icon-04.png

Mindful Colouring

Tenang Icon-02.png

DIY Coaster

Tenang Icon-01.png

Self-directed Yoga

Tenang Icon-08.png

Art Jamming

Tenang Icon-07.png

Cycling / Walking

Tenang Icon-06.png

Sports Activities (To end by 8pm)

Book your stay now!

  1. Registration form should be named “OrganisationName_Date of Submission”. 

  2. The uploaded registration form should have the following: 

  • Section 1: Individual Registration OR Section 2: Group Registration 

  • Annex A – Endorsement Letter by your organisation’s Executive Director/CEO

Upload Completed Registration Form

Thank you for your submission! Our team will send out a confirmation email once we verify that the employees registered are from NCSS member agencies and MSF-funded agencies.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who is eligible for 100% VCF Funding?

  • A current employee from NCSS member agencies and MSF-funded agencies who has been part of the social service sector for at least a year. You may visit https://tinyurl.com/NCSS-List-of-SSAs to check if your organisation is eligible.

2.   Is there a cap on the number of employees that my organisation can send?

  • Each run can take up to 50 individuals from various organisations. Each organisation can nominate up to 5 employees per run.

3.   When do I need to register by?

  • Registration for each run will close one month before the start of that run.

4.   Are meals halal?

  • Our K.S Cafe is halal certified so all meals provided will be halal.

5.   Can my organisation plan our own activities during the self-discovery sessions?

  • We encourage participants who come in groups from their organisations to take full advantage of not having to plan anything for this retreat and use the self-discovery time to rest, unwind, and try out the activities that we have prepared for you. If you have special requests for activities, indicate it within the registration form and we’ll get back to you!

6.   Is it mandatory for participants to participate in the full 3-day programme?

  • Yes, as a shorter duration would compromise on the quality of rest that participants can enjoy. We hope that participants can detach themselves entirely from work during the 3D2N to allow themselves to benefit more from the programme.

7.   Is it mandatory for participants to stay overnight?

  • We recommend that participants fully immerse themselves in the programme, which includes the overnight stay. However, if you are a parent/caregiver who would like to be part of this programme, please write in to ks@newhopecs.org.sg.


Other Enquiries

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