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Homelessness & Poverty Simulation

First Things First is an experiential half day learning activity for large group participants to experience simulated homelessness and poverty through a range of unique personas.

This or That ?
Would you make a 'better' choice?

Should I go for medical treatment or save the money?


Should I take the bus or walk


Should I send my kids to school or to work

Unless you've experienced it yourself, it's difficult to truly understand what it's like to be poor. "First Things First" aims to bridge that gap by letting you walk in the shoes of the less fortunate and experience the tough choices they make every day through an experiential half-day learning activity.

If your organisation is looking to give back to the community, First Things First can lay the foundation by fostering empathy and broadening perspectives on realities that are not our own. This isn't just a simulation. It's a call to action, a catalyst for change.

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Key Objectives

Past Engagements
Session Details

Min. number of pax: 30 pax

Max. number of pax: 45 pax

Duration of session: 3 Hours 

Write in to if you wish to engage us for a session. 

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