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Retreat with Hope


Retreat with Hope is a 2 Day 1 Night programme targeted at beneficiaries of Social Service Agencies. The programme aims to provide a holistic learning experience that enhances their skills while promoting physical, financial and mental wellness. 

Retreat with Hope - Self-Directed Track is a semi-structured retreat which provides participants flexibility and freedom to engage in activities at their own pace, emphasising on rest and respite. 

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Programme Outline

This is how the 2D1N will look like.


Lunch & Dinner Provided


Welcome & Orientation



Facilitated Session




Self-Directed Time

Breakfast Provided



Closing & Evaluation



Check Out


Note: Meals stated will be provided over the 2 Days. Mealtimes will be flexible so that all participants can enjoy their meals in an unhurried manner.

Programme Outline

LEGO® Serious Play by Tarkiz

Facilitated Session

Through guided discussions and activities, the facilitated session aim to inspire a positive mindset shift, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation. Our hope is that this session becomes a catalyst for participants to embrace intentional living, make meaningful changes, and leave the retreat feeling inspired to embark on a journey of positive transformation.


This unique opportunity encourages participants to reflect on their aspirations, values, and personal goals in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Facilitated Session
Self-Directed Time
Leaves Shadow
Self-Directed Time

Our Self-Directed Time initiative is meticulously crafted to offer individuals a dedicated space for the exploration of new interests and hobbies. Participants are encouraged to embrace the liberty and freedom afforded by this programme, allowing them to allocate their time without feeling overly entangled in the hustle of daily life. Embracing a slow pace is not only acceptable but actively encouraged.

An extensive array of materials will be available at our self-directed corner, allowing you to participate in a diverse range of activities, including crafts, sports, and self-reflective exercises. Examples of such activities include art jamming, creating DIY mosaic coasters, journaling, practicing yoga, painting, cycling, and more.

Blue Sky
Upcoming Dates

25 - 26 APRIL 2024

Thursday to Friday

9 - 10 MAY 2024

Thursday to Friday

6 - 7 JUNE 2024

Thursday to Friday


Each run will need a minimum of 15 participants.

A Confirmation Email/Message will be sent 2 weeks prior to the retreat date to confirm (if there is more than 15 participants) or to cancel (if there is less than 15 participants)

If you are a beneficiary of any Social Service Agency and would like to join there retreat, please speak to your Social Worker/ Case Manager to register. Thank you

Upcoming Dates & Refer Now
Retreat with Hope - Fully Structured
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Suitable for participants seeking a guided experience with a comprehensive schedule of activities and workshops. It provides a supportive environment for learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

​1.   Who is eligible for Retreat with Hope?

  • This retreat is open for participants (individuals or families) with referrals from Social Services agencies and government ministries. All referring agencies must ensure participants meet the criteria stated in our referral form. They must also not have any existing medical or mental health conditions that may affect the following: 

    • Capacity to manage their self-directed activities during the retreat

    • Compromise the safety and well-being of themselves or others at Kampung Siglap


2. What is the difference between the two tracks? 

  • The Fully Structured track is designed for participants seeking a guided experience with a comprehensive schedule of activities and workshops. It provides a supportive environment for learning. On the other hand, the Self-Guided track is tailored for those who prefer a more independent retreat, allowing participants to choose activities at their own pace, emphasizing rest and respite. Both tracks aim to accommodate diverse preferences and needs, reflecting our commitment to reaching a wide audience with different requirements for their retreat experience  

3. Can my client stay for more than one night?

  • Retreat with Hope is a 2D1N programme. Referring agencies may contact us if you feel that your beneficiaries require more than a 2D1N stay. 

4.   How do I register my clients for Retreat with Hope?

  • All referring agencies will have to submit a Referral Form. Once the above have been completed, Kampung Siglap will reach out to your clients directly to register them for Retreat with Hope or reach out to you for further clarification.

5.   What are the check-in and check-out timings?

  • Check in at 11am

  • Check out by 10am

6.   Is the food provided halal?

  • All meals provided will be catered from Halal-certified caterer. 

7.   Where do my clients stay?

  • You may check out our space here.

8.   How much does Retreat with Hope cost?

  • In principle, we aim for all Social Service Agency clients to attend Retreat with Hope on a complimentary basis. To achieve this, we seek all SSA partners to advise us if their clients or referrals are able to tap on any relevant funding source for the programme. Exceptions can be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

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